The Harley Davidson Museum

Recently, the husband had a couple weeks of vacation. He decided to take a couple days and go see something he has wanted to for a long time-The Harley Davidson Museum.


He took a ride, alone, to Milwaukee to check it out. He grabbed a hotel room close by for two nights and made a mini-vacation out of it!

He looked at a lot of history, took a tour and ate at the restaurant in the museum.

I do know he wants to go back and check it out even more. It has so much to offer! Next time, I plan to go with him!

He took a lot of pictures and here are just some of them!

Thanks, Tom for sharing your pictures!

The National Motorcycle Museum


If you are a fan of motorcycles at all the National Motorcycle Museum is a destination you must visit! Founded in 1989 and located in Anamosa, Iowa, it houses over 400 incredible motorcycles. Their collection includes toys, posters, photos and other memorabilia that enhance the experience. As with any museum, some of their motorcycles on display are on loan, so the things you can see here will always be changing!

We got to stop here a couple years ago when we were returning from one of our trips. With so much to see and knowing how the displays of some motorcycles change, we plan on making a return trip when we can spend a longer time there.

Check out some of the incredible motorcycles that we saw on our visit.

You can learn much more about the National Motorcycle Museum on their Website and you can follow them on Twitter and on Facebook.