Our First Ride of 2016

You know it will be a great first ride of the year when you wake up to a sky like this.IMG_4078We have a great group of people that we have been riding with for awhile now. We try to do a lot of rides every spring and summer, knowing that we probably won’t get to all that are planned and always adding some quick ones in when the weather is begging us to! That is a great thing about this motorcycle thing-it is never the same, even when it is. Make sense?

What I mean is, we can go to the same places, but the scenery might be different, the weather is never the same, and those who we ride with is also ever changing. The group of riders we ride with is quite fluid. Sometimes there are just a couple bikes. Sometimes there are many. No matter the numbers, the adventure is always great.

We have started our riding season each year now, with a ride from here in northern Iowa to Southern Minnesota. We ride over and around Clear Lake, pick up some more riders and continue on the back way, stopping for even more.

Once everyone is with the group we head back on the road up to our first stop-Julio’s in Hayward, Minnesota. You might not have heard of Hayward but if you have heard of Albert Lea, you will easily be able to find it. If you like good food, definitely head to Julio’s. It is always delicious, hot and generous for a good price.

The next stop, always is to Bergdale Harley-Davidson in Albert Lea. Sometimes by the time we get done with lunch, we cut it a bit too close, but this time we had plenty of time to look around and shop. We are lucky this dealership is open on Sundays!


Our third and final stop each time is for ice cream. Wouldn’t you think that after that big lunch we wouldn’t have room for it? Normally, that is true for me, but this time? It just looked too good to pass up! We spent some time at Coldstone Creamery before we headed back home.


It was a great first ride of the season. It made me yearn for warmer weather, no rain, and our next ride. Where will that be?

You will have to check back to see!