Getting Some Much Needed Vitamin HD

Where has the summer gone? It seems to be flying by along with the opportunities to get on the Harley and take a trip. Or even just a ride. It seems the weather doesn’t cooperate or people are working, or have other plans and the time and the days tick away.

Life has been stressful these days so when the weather turned gorgeous finally-no humidity, no rain-we decided to take a short ride with our good friends.

I feel lucky to be living where we do. We can pull out of our driveway in the country and just have road, blue skies and green everywhere.

And of course…cornfields.  Lots of miles of beautiful green cornfields!


Beautiful Clear Lake is close by, so it is a perfect place to take a ride around on a day like today. We take the back way there, so there is much less traffic and much more scenery.

One must stop on your way around the lake is a very busy destination-The Viking Drive-Inn. It is know all around for the place to stop for soft serve ice cream! If you are a first timer, there is one thing you must know.  The sizes are GENEROUS!  Here is mine-a small twist!


Back around the rest of the lake before heading home.  It is so great to take in the sun, the sky, the water, the green, the fresh air, the breeze.

I highly recommend these short trips at any time. Sometimes it isn’t about how long you are on the bike, but that you are.


Why Being On His Bike Is More Meaningful Now

If you are just a reader of this blog and not my other one, too, you may not know my husband’s story.  He has been a lover of motorcycles always. Being able to get on his Harley and forget the troubles of the world has always been an integral part of his life.

You you wouldn’t know from looking at these pictures is that before this, in March of 2014, he had a stroke.  His Harley, and getting back on it, riding is what was his motivation to get better.  It had to be a great motivation because he was back on it that summer, long before the doctors thought he would be. He even took a trip alone to Sturgis that year!

Here is the link to the blog post where I interviewed him and he tells you just what having a stroke meant to him.  He will tell you about that motivation. Here is his story.

What Having a Stroke Meant-An Interview With My Husband